About Us

We are continuously poised to give everyone the best of care and attention at all times, irrespective of tribe, tongue, religion and class .

About Jumay eye clinic

we offer the best of services that can suit your visual needs. We are poised to help your vision perform at its best.

This health care facility is made for all eyes, our Clinic has all the professional requirements to care for you and your family. Located inside Ezem Hospital, the facility has all that it takes to take care of your Eyes with the best of Optometric and Ophthalmologic care.


Our services:

Low vision management| Refraction| Keratometry| Phorometry| Contact lens| Binocular Vision Tests| Glaucoma management| Vision Therapy| Visual field| Tonometry| Fundus photography| Slit lamp Biomicroscopy| Binocular indirect Funduscopy| Pediatric Eye Care| Primary Eye care| Designer Frames/Eye wears| Eye wear accessories| Occupational Eye Wears| Community Eye Care Projects| Ocular Emergencies| Pre-employment Eye fitness| HMO

Our Team

made up of seasoned professionals with Dr. Chigozirim Nwosu sitting at the apex. she is a clinician with over 15 years of practice and an astute mentor with multiple competent skills in clinical practice and eye care management. Dr. Chiggy Nwosu as she is popularly called is a mastercraft of an eye care professional with vast knowledge in ocular care and public health. she is a global goals advocate and also a platinum Mentor with the family of optometric mentors. she has bagged lots of awards in the field of eye care and beyond. Jumay eye center is a one stop for all eye care treatment and management.